Cool Breeze Hotel is an exquisite hotel that offers the best luxury room amenities in Angeles City. We provide equitable and personalized services for your choice of rooms, as well as excellent recommendations to help you choose the perfect room for your requirements. We give special rates and benefits that you will find accommodatingly economical you will surely love.


Let your body and mind revitalize in our spacious yet stylish rooms, with modern hotel accessories that features a clean line of elegance, comfort and fully furnished amenities like trendy HD televisions for your entertainment. From our hotel’s affordable standard rooms to the larger chic suites, every room is incomparable in terms of comfort and luxury. Meanwhile, you can also try our ergonomic wise suites and guest rooms and witness how cleverly each chamber is designed suit your demands. Our services are complimentary and our extravagant hotel rooms give your preferential rates that will very well fit your budget.


We will gladly walk you through the rates and help you indicate the perfect line-up of amenities for your stay. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  What are you waiting for? Visit Cool Breeze Hotel now and indulge in a remarkable downtown city view from our majestic accommodations. Spoil yourself and start that picture-perfect vacation experience that will make a beautiful mark on your book of memories!


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